The Heart: Student Reflection 1

“Last night, I decided to sleep outside in a tent on The Heart for Abby.  I had a lot of homework to try and finish, so I did not leave to go sleep until about 1:30 am.  I wish I had went to sleep at 10 pm. Anyhow, when I first left to sleep outside I felt silly.  I thought, “Why sleep outside, when I can go right back to my room in EH and sleep on a bed”, but despite my thoughts I slept outside.  Initially, I was not sure how to get into the tent, which worried me, but then I found the entrance.  I remember I got into the tent and said “Actually, this is pretty cool”.  I then laid down. I was nervous, however, because I felt as if someone would mess with my tent while I was asleep.  From my knowledge, no one did.  While I was sleeping, it was uncomfortable.  I was cold much of the time and I kept hearing leaves brush against my tent.  The sound of the leaves would wake me up, out of fear that I may not be safe.  I had my alarm wake me up at 6 am Monday morning, and I was happy to go back inside!  Sleeping in a tent, was a thrilling, scary, and uncomfortable experience, but I would not take it back.  I would actually do it again!”


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