Stout Fire Pit: Student Reflection 5

“Camping here on Earlham’s campus was a very interesting experience. We were on campus, yet it felt so far away from the buildings and the light. The darkness engulfed me and silence followed, aside from the sound of our own voices. The big stand of trees allowed us to be so secluded even though we were probably 100 meters from a building. I felt like we were in some sort of wilderness. I could see the stars in the night sky, although they were not as bright. A moment away from the buzzing Earlham campus, to just breathe the air and feel the cool breeze. The night brought many more animal noises than I have ever heard while camping. This is something I did not expect. Raccoons circled our tents throughout the night rustling every leaf. Finally the morning brought a relaxing walking. I thought about nothing aside from what was around me.”


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