The Heart: Student Reflection 3

img_3792“It was an interesting experience spending the night on the heart. Being able to hear the buildings still alive in the late hours of the night, but being inside of a tent offered a unique contrast. I have slept on the heart before, but sleeping through the night and an afternoon nap in the sun had very different sensations. The next morning was fascinating to hear the college slowly stir to life and hear the increase of voices as the sun rose. Something didn’t feel quite right, almost as if we were out of place. An abnormality in a place where the people depend so much on their habits. I wish I had camped out the previous opportunity, so that I could talk about the specific differences, but it felt more like camping by the side of a road during a road trip then camping at a destination. It was a good experience to have but I don’t know if I would do it again.”


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